The community is very important to us at Sanctuary Paint.  We want to give back to and support the community who supports us every day.

Currently, we are helping to revitalize the Twin Elms Rugby Park and we are donating the paint needed for that project.  We have spent many hours there at Rugby tournaments with our kids and recently watched the Russia vs Canada game! We have some great memories! 

Some of the key community programs we have supported are:

  • 2870 Army Cadets –Sanctuary Paint contributed to the remodel of the cadet’s offices including paint and window coverings and free storage for their uniforms. David also served as the President of the Parent Committee 2015-2016.
  • Support local scouts and air cadets through donation of prizes to annual fund raiser
  • Supporting local navy cadets through painting of their storage shed
  • Continue to support Chrysalis house, a shelter for abused woman and support their ongoing fundraising activities
  • Support Kanata Little Theater through donation of set paint
  • Support Algonquin College and Local high schools through their coop programs.

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