Discover the science behind Benjamin Moore quality: Gennex® Colour Technology.

How Does Gennex Work?

Common paint colorants require certain chemicals, including one or more surfactants, to help with pigment distribution, as well as flow and levelling. These same chemicals also weaken the paint and effect durability, especially in deeper hues. 

Gennex waterborne colorants change all that. Made specifically for Benjamin Moore paints, Gennex removes unnecessary components that weaken paint. The result? Gennex... 

  • Delivers superior hide, flow and levelling
  • Stands up to harsh weather conditions
  • Resists colour fading and transfer
  • Assures colour consistency


Custom Colour Matches:

We will make every effort to match any colour that you bring into our stores using our Spectro photographic technology and Benjamin Moore’s  Gennex® Colour Technology.  Please make sure the colour source is at least the size of a quarter.

We cannot guarantee a 100% match as there are many variables that effect the colour match.