Everything you need to know about choosing the right window coverings

Everything you need to know about choosing the right window coverings

A house is a collection of rooms, but it's also a collection of windows. Dressing them well isn't just an exercise in aesthetics—it's also something very practical. The right window treatment can provide everything from privacy to UV protection to even just the right amount of shade on hot days. It's important to note that by window covering we don't mean the window itself, but rather the treatments that go over or around it: curtains, blinds, shades, and more. 

And when choosing a window covering for your home, especially if you're looking at custom options like shutters or curtains, it's essential to be considerate about how you want your space to look and how you want it to function. Otherwise you may end up with a result that doesn't quite fit your needs. In this article we'll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the right window coverings for your home so that once they're installed—whether they're custom-made or not—they'll be perfect for years (or even decades) to come.

Which type of window covering is right for your home?

There are different kinds of window coverings: blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and drapes. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. The right window treatment will depend on your needs.


These are the most popular type of window coverings. They come in many styles and materials – wood, metal or vinyl. They can be raised and lowered with a rod or corded chain.


Shades are usually made of fabric and roll up or down on a roller system. Most shades let light in while blocking out the sun’s glare, but some also block sound from outside traffic or neighbors’ conversations.


Shutters are made from real wood or other materials and are an elegant way to add style to your home. They come in many different designs including louvered (open slats), full-view (solid panel) or half-view (half-open panel). Shutters can be left open all year, closed during certain seasons or even opened by remote control! 

The basics of choosing the right window covering for your home

If you want to choose the right window covering, it's important that you consider your style and needs. For example, if you want a window covering that complements your kitchen décor or blends with your office aesthetic, then it will be important for you to choose a color that fits these preferences.

Another aspect of choosing the right window covering is making sure it suits the size of your windows. If you have large windows that let in lots of light, then an opaque fabric may not be suitable because they will make all rooms dark—the opposite effect from what you may want! So make sure to get something appropriate for how much light comes into each room through your windows.

Finally, some people prefer their privacy when sitting at home or working at their desks; others don't mind having full view out onto their neighborhood streets or city skyline outside their homes/offices. If this sounds like something YOU might enjoy (or not), make sure there is enough privacy between running errands around town without being seen by strangers driving down Main Street when leaving work late at night after everyone else has gone home already!

Find the right style for your home

You've probably been in the situation where you've admired a window covering at a friend's house or in a store that you would have loved to buy for yourself. But when it comes time to purchase, something happens: you end up with something completely different! If this sounds familiar, it's because choosing window treatments is all about personal preference.

Important factors to consider when choosing a window covering

There are several factors to consider when choosing a window covering, including:

  • How much natural light you want to let in. Do you like the brightness of morning light or the dimness of evening light?
  • How much privacy you want. Do you want to be able to see outside but not have people see inside? Or do you prefer that everyone can see everything about your home at all times?
  • How much heat/cooling effect (or lack thereof) from the sun each day affects your comfort level in your home.
  • What style is most appealing to you: modern, contemporary, traditional or something else entirely? 


We’ve walked you through the basics of choosing your window coverings, but there are a lot more factors to consider. It can be a bit overwhelming to start, but hopefully this guide has helped you understand the options and made things feel a little less daunting. 

Remember that when it comes down to it, no matter what kind of window covering you get, they serve multiple purposes: setting the tone for your decor, protecting your privacy, and controlling your lighting and temperature. 

If you need help choosing, we offer complimentary in-home consultations with a professional interior designer to assess your needs and offer insight into the designs and styles of window coverings that work best for your home. 

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